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Alright people, here is why evolution disproves Christianity and how they do not go hand in hand= Because we evolved over millions of years, there was no such thing as the world being created in 7 days and there was never a time where only 2 homosapians lived on earth. This means there was never a garden of Eden or an Adam and an Eve. Because there was no eve, an original sin was never committed. Because an original sin was never committed, a man named Jesus was never born thousands of years later to die for an original sin that never happened.

This makes complete sense with reality and logic because why would you create the world, give people choices, be capable of seeing the future and know that they will make a choice you like and still let them do it, annihilate all of your souls after they die but just for a little while until you send a special person who is half you,,, or is YOU down to earth and self sacrifice your self TOO yourself, so that you can forgive people for something you set them up to do because you knew the whole time you would do it.